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A technology company. We endeavour to make every day more than ordinary by our products. We remain committed to the vision through every aspect of our business and the people we serve.


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Perfex, a Product Company has made its presence through its products in the Local Markets in India, Malaysia and Singapore. We offer various solutions to clients in both Digital and Manufacturing. We help businesses make better decisions by
transforming processes, reducing costs,
reducing the time.









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We build native applications


You can develop a native Android app with Java or Kotlin and choose Swift and Objective-C for iOS apps. Native apps are known to deliver exceptional user experience as they are generally high performance. User experience is also enhanced as the visuals are tailored to the platform UX.


iOS apps. Android apps. Hybrid apps. We've been building them all, ever since it became possible to write software that runs on phones. Our engineering and design teams have been responsible for releasing hundreds of digital products, all the way through from conceptual ideas to launch on the app stores.


iOS apps work with both Apple iPhones and iPads. Our developers create native iOS apps in Objective C, C# or Swift, based on the architecture and requirements of the app. Usually, the web applications and API will be developed in parallel if it’s required.


If you are looking for a faster app development platform that would turn your business overnight, then our React Native app development team will fit you perfectly. Our developers, with their extensive experience in building first-class native apps in android and iOS platforms, will take charge of your development process.


Flutter - Google's UI building framework - will help you save cost, time and effort. Our flutter app development offers you applications that run on mobile, web and desktop using a single codebase. It saves you the cost of hiring different teams for each app specification. The common code base developed by our Flutter development team will fit your multiple requirements saving time to launch your app on an iOS or Android platform.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are popular because they allow developers to write code for a mobile app once and still accommodate multiple platforms. Because hybrid apps add an extra layer between the source code and the target platform, they may perform slightly slower than native or web versions of the same app.

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Our Customers Mean the World

At Perfex, we strive to provide exactly what our customers are looking for. A huge part of our brainstorming process is looking at our client feedback to make sure you're well taken care of.

Every Individual Deserves a Website

With 93% of business decisions starting with a search engine search that means if you don't have a website, you are only selling to 7% of your market. That is right, you are reducing the potential size of your business by 93%.

In-House Made

We are personally committed to delivering the very best. Everything, from product design and development to customer support, is provided by our dedicated and adorable team.

Happy Clients

While upscaling our business we had to take a digital path, we approached Perfex Technologies to ease our problem. We got 100% RoI on our platform for the interface they have developed. The process is seamless and the approach is very client friendly.



In search of React Native App Developers, we approached Perfex and we had several rounds of interactions to finally get to know the skill and laboriousness of the team. In this Pandemic, they helped us right away from mapping our project to monetizing it.



“Perfex made our digital marketing so simple, they helped out with our local SEO, ranking #1 and maintaining social media pages too simple. They made it a cake walk for us to reach our audience which in turn helped us gain profits faster than expected".



"Revamping the business is not an easy task, but Perfex with their market strategies have made our product so recognizable in the market that we no longer had to defend our products in the market. Instead our products have been asked at a straight away price with no penetration price.”



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